When is the exam session?

Autumn semester session
11 – 22 February 2019
Spring semester session
17 – 28 June 2019


How do I enroll to the exam session?

A few weeks before the exams session, we require that you send an e-mail with the list of exams you wish to take. It is very important that you follow this procedure, otherwise you will not be able to take your exams. Please be sure to include the following info in the email: your personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth), the department in which you are studying, and a complete list of names of classes and relative teachers.

For the first semester session send your e-mail no later than: 17.01.2019
For the second semester session send your e-mail no later than: 17.05.2019

WARNING: if you have too many absences for a class you will not be able to register for its exam. If you are not sure about your number of absences please be sure to talk the professor before registration time comes and find a solution together.


Where can I access the exam calendar?

The calendar is usually published around two weeks before the session starts. Please always keep monitoring the calendar and the news, as some date changes may occur. You can find it at the following link: www.accademiabelleartiverona.it/en/calendario-accademico-esami-e-tesi



How does the grading system work in Italy?

The grading system in Italy works on a 30-point scale. From 0 to 17 will mean that the exam is failed, from 18 to 30 the exam is passed. 30 cum Laude (30 e Lode) is the highest pass mark and may also be awarded.