Before the Mobility

Before your arrival you have to build a Learning Agreement which has to be signed by all parties (Student, Sending Institution, Receiving Institution). While building your study plan, keep in mind some rules:

  • The credit system of ABAVr is based on CFA (Crediti Formativi Accademici);
  •  1 CFA = 1 ECTS. No conversion required;
  • The study plan should equal or be roughly around 30 ECTS per semester. It is highly suggested that you do not plan a higher work load;
  • If you don’t possess at least a basic level in Italian, it is recommended choosing laboratory activities over theoretical classes.

During the Mobility

As you arrive in Italy you normally already possess a draft of your study plan  previously signed by all parties. But it is most likely that you will have to make some changes. There is a variety of circumstances why you would want to switch some classes, like timetables conflicts, language barriers, etc.

Please remember that:

  • All changes to your initial L.A. should be made during your first month of stay;
  • Whenever you make a change, the L.A. must be signed again by all parties. Therefore try to condense the changes in one or two steps, if possible.
Some advices:

Do not ever skip the first days of classes, as it is the best moment you can realize if a subject is appropriate for your study plan. Try to always be a step ahead and directly talk with the teacher before or after the first day of class, explaining you are an exchange student and that you could be following his/her class for the rest of the semester. There is a chance that teachers – especially for theoretical classes – will arrange an exam that is more suitable to your language level.

Learning Agreement Model

To download the Learning Agreement Model for the academic year 2018-19 please click the link below:

text-icon-download-64  Erasmus+ Learning Agreement Model a.y. 2018/2019