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Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona2nd level: Digital effects and virtual set

2nd level: Digital effects and virtual set

Departments of Design and Applied Arts – School of Scenography

Second-level degree course


The Digital Effects & Virtual Set course aims to train artistic professionals who are able to address and solve problems relating to scenography for virtual environments (cinema, theatre, television, video games, virtual reality and multimedia systems). By studying a number of specific topics in-depth, students will be able to use the latest technology to conceive and design digital effects for virtual sets, which can be applied to concrete projects and used in the most diverse fields of entertainment.

The skills developed in the field of three-dimensional design, digital modelling and animation will enable students to create content for the production of digital, photographic, video and multimedia images. The advent of new technology for the creation of visual effects has radically changed the public’s perception of languages and images, which now involve the audience in an increasingly engaging and immersive way.

This course provides training based on both a theoretical-critical and a laboratory approach, offering students the tools and know-how necessary to carry out artistic research in a productive and conscious way. The laboratories use the latest technology (display tablets, virtual reality and augmented reality visors, software, video mapping projectors, video cameras, cameras, etc.). In this regard, the curriculum aims to promote an approach consistent with traditional Academies of Fine Arts, not only focusing on cutting-edge technology, but rather opting for a model that combines intellectual research, artistic practice and theoretical knowledge.


Graduates may carry out professional activities in different areas, as both freelance multimedia artists and collaborating to programme, design and implement specific interventions to create visual effects, digital post-production and audio-visual work that can be used for cinema, television, video games and the various multimedia fields of entertainment.


Year Code Subject CFA Total
1 ABPR31 Digital photography 1 12
ABPR22 Scenic design for cinema 1 12
ABPR35 Direction 6
ABTEC41 Digital modelling techniques – 3D computers 12
ABPC66 History of cinema and video 6
ABTEC42 Interactive systems 6
ABPR20 Comic art 4
* Elective learning and training activities 2  60
2 ABPR31 Digital photography 2 6
ABPR22 Scenic design for cinema 2 12
ABTEC41 Rendering 3D 12
ABTEC38 Digital animation techniques 6
ABTEC40 Screenwriting for videogames 6
ABLIN71 English for artistic communication 4
* Elective learning and training activities 4  60
  Final project 10
*Total amount of credits to be obtained with elective training and learning activities during the three years (seminars, workshops, stage…)