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Accademia di Belle Arti di VeronaInternational Relations Office

International Relations Office

Verona Academy’s international (EU and non-EU) strategy.

The Academy’s main aim is to consolidate the agreements stipulated with six Higher Education institutions in the framework of the Erasmus Programme and to strengthen the network of contacts established through the first Intensive Programme, in which it took part in 2009-2011 (SACS – Sound Art in City Spaces, recognized as “an example of good practice to illustrate the European Year of Creativity and Innovation” in 2009), and the second Programme which has been underway since 2012 (IICS – Interdisciplinary Involvement and Community Spaces).

The Academy also aims to develop its internationalization process by selecting firms, companies, professional studios and non-academic institutions abroad, in particular in the field of restoration, product design and graphic design, including art galleries and museums of contemporary art. In this way it will be able to organize work placements and traineeships for mobile students and invite experts for special workshops and seminars.

The Academy has had contact with the following geographical areas in the framework of the Erasmus Programme: Spain (2004), Czech Republic (2007), Belgium (2009), Romania (2009), Turkey (2009), Lithuania (2011) and Sweden (2011). As a result of the afore mentioned Intensive Programmes the Academy’s contacts have also extended to enclude Higher Education institutions in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal and Slovakia.

The Academy intends to increase the number of agreements with Higher Education institutions and organizations in other European countries (in particular in German-speaking countries, given the presence of German mother-tongue students from Südtirol), but also plans to develop exchange and cooperation agreements with the United States of America (where two students per year have benefited from a scholarship in an art foundation in New York since 2012 and educational trips are organized every year), Russia (thanks to Russkij Dom cultural association), Switzerland, Israel, Malta and China, following contacts currently in progress with the Academy Direction and lecturers who have often had teaching experiences as visiting professors in these countries.

The main objective of the Academy’s internationalization strategy is to increase student mobility for studies (currently 3-4 outgoing students and six incoming students per year) by involving all the Diploma Courses both in the first and second cycles and gradually introduce the student mobility for traineeship.

The Academy also intends to promote staff mobility both for teaching and training purposes. After the first experiences of incoming teachers (since 2010) and outgoing teachers (since 2011) there has been an increase in the qualitative and quantitative level of student mobility and fruitful collaboration projects have been launched (such as student and lecturer participation in international exhibitions and workshops).

International Relations Office


Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona (Verona Academy of Fine Arts)
Via Carlo Montanari 5 – 37122 Verona (ITALY)
Telephone: +39 (0)45 800 00 82
Fax: +39 (0)45 800 54 25


Opening time:

Thursday: 16.15 – 18.15
To fix an appointment or to contact the office please send an email to



Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
Francesco Ronzon

Head of International Relations Office
Ms Marta Ferretti

International Relations Office Assistant
Ms Alice Stivala


Other useful Contacts:

Contact for the IICS (Interdisciplinary Involvement and Community Spaces) Intensive Programme
Prof. Francesco Ronzon

Contact for Educational Trips Abroad and scholarships at the Art Students League of New York
Prof. Francesco Avesani

Marco Giaracuni

Francesco Ronzon

Administrative Director
Loredana Teramo

Protocol Office
Franca Vesentini

Administrative Office
Simonetta Bellomi, Cristina Lavagnoli, Veronica Sinardi

HR Office
Elisa Carrara, Jessica Pompele

Teaching Office
Giulia Gabos, Gessica Sartori

Opening times of the Teaching Office
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 11 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Massimo Balestrini

IT technician


Degree Courses Coordinators:

While the Learning Agreements from incoming Erasmus students are signed by the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator, the Teaching Programmes from incoming Teaching Staff for the academic year 2017/2018 will be approved by the Degree Courses Coordinators.


Coordinator of the Sculpture Diploma Course
Boniforti Piccolino Francesca
Coordinator of the Painting Diploma Course
Morbin Giovanni 
Coordinator of the Artistic Planning for Enterprise (Design) Diploma Course
Sotirios Papadopoulos
Coordinator of the Scenography (Stage Design) Diploma Course
Caterina Pinelli
Coordinator of the Restoration Diploma Course
Adele Trazzi
Second Cycle Degree Courses Coordinators:Coordinator of the Atelier Direction Degree Course
Spaliviero Franco

Coordinator of the Art Direction and Product Design Degree Course
Pending nomination